Another Successful Project Launch!

January 10, 2022

The Millat Industries Mass Production team has successfully set up another new, automated production line.

This is a mission critical component part internal to the transmission on a new hybrid vehicle and was awarded to Millat Industries in June of 2020.  The cell design involves 2 robots tending 5 vertical CNC mills, laser marking for traceability, washer, and an automated assembly/packout station. This was quite a challenging part.  The part has difficult to inspect radii on small sections, machining on all sides of the part in only 2 machine fixture operations while robotically loaded, and maintaining the strict cleanliness specification.

While machining prototype parts in August of 2020 we were able to take away many lessons learned. The CMM Fixture was redesigned in a manner which greatly improved repeatability of the small radii and true positions. In order to machine all sides of the part with 2 operations we utilized sequenced clamping that is controlled on separate circuits. This allows clamps to swing out of the way when necessary allowing access for the part to be machined. Chip evacuation on the machine fixture is top priority when robotically loading a CNC machine. Extra coolant flush was added to assist removal of chip build accumulation. Maintaining a cleanliness spec in a machine shop environment is a difficult task. Due to this requirement the parts must be washed and only handled by a person with clean gloves. This part is only touched by one person when loading the raw infeed and while loading the assembly station. This reduced handling by people minimizes cleanliness concerns.

Great work to the team for all of their accomplishments on this difficult project!