Surplus Equipment

Machine Fact Sheet

Used Manual CMM: Tesa Height MH3D

Model: MH3D

Price: $10,000

This series of machines incorporates the following features:
• A granite worktable that provides a stable, precision measuring surface
that is practically maintenance free.
• M10 threaded, stainless steel inserts imbedded into the granite table for
securing the workpiece.
• Air bearings for frictionless movement of all axes.
• A fully pneumatic, counterbalanced column, infinitely adjustable for
varying probe weights, with a built-in braking device.
• A Z-Rail Probe Holder that accommodates a wide variety of probes and
• A machine construction that allows accurate measurement of steel
parts over a wide temperature range.
• A control interface with pushbutton access to data display and analysis.
• A bright, clear VGA monitor.