About Us

Mission Statement

Millat Industries will create customer satisfaction, becoming supplier of first choice by:

  • Empowering our associates
  • Creating productive customer/supplier partnerships
  • Effectively applying technology
  • Continuously improving

Statement of Ethical Standards

Millat Industries will conduct its business in an ethical and proper manner, and in compliance with the laws and regulations regarding ethical behavior.

Millat Industries is committed to conducting its business with integrity underlying all relationships, including those with customers, suppliers, and among fellow associates. Standards of ethical business conduct are required of all Millat Industries Associates and Representatives in performance of their responsibilities. Many laws, regulations, Millat Industries policies, rules, and guidelines address the routine and unique ethical issues that Millat Industries Associates or Representative may confront.

  • Millat Industries will maintain a program to communicate to Associates and Representatives, its commitment to integrity and values through various communications, rules, policies and training.
  • It is expected that we will not engage in any conduct or activity that may raise questions as to the company‚Äôs integrity, impartiality, reputation or in any manner of a conflict of interest as a Millat Industries Associate or Representative.
  • Every Associate or Representative has the responsibility to ask questions, seek guidance, and report suspected violations and express concerns regarding compliance with this policy. Report any concern to your Supervisor, Senior Management, the HR Manager or the President.
  • Retaliation against Associates who use these reporting mechanisms for reasonable concerns and in good faith will not be tolerated.

The Millat Industries Board of Directors