Millat Industries Inspiring The Next Generation!

May 13, 2024

(Pictured Above Presenting Left to Right:  Chris Tunstall, Manufacturing Manager and Adam Millat, Executive Vice President)

In an ever-evolving job market, the importance of Career Technology Center (CTC) programs in high schools cannot be overstated. These programs offer students the chance to explore practical skills and gain hands-on experience in various industries, preparing them for successful careers or further education. Recognizing the significance of these initiatives, Millat Industries recently took the initiative to present inspiring opportunities to Centerville (OH) High School students currently enrolled in the school’s Engineering and Advanced Manufacturing CTC programs.

With a vision to empower the next generation, Millat Industries’ representatives eagerly engaged with the students and educators to showcase the diverse career pathways and possibilities within the company. The presentation aimed to enlighten students about the exciting opportunities available and inspire them to pursue careers in fields related to precision machining and manufacturing.  Presenters also shared insights into the industry’s latest developments, trends, and the skills needed to thrive in the workforce. By providing a glimpse into the day-to-day operations and projects within the company, students gained valuable knowledge about the practical applications of their education and the potential career paths that await them.

Ryan Muhlenkamp, Industrial Technology faculty member, had this to say about the partnership; “I see in the future a great relationship with Millat Industries connecting Centerville High School to the world of manufacturing.  I think we have a lot to offer each other”.  Millat Industries looks forward to continuing their partnership with Centerville High School as well as other local high schools and CTC programs in and around the Dayton, OH area.