More Multi-Axis Live Tool Lathe Capacity!

April 28, 2023

Millat Industries is excited to announce another new equipment investment within our Machined Painted Products (MPP) Division.  We are growing our multi-axis live tool lathe capacity to be able to meet our customer’s demand.  At Millat Industries, we’ve used this technology for over 20 years, however advances in machine design and technology have greatly improved productivity of this process.  The new equipment offers increased spindle power and larger bar diameter which will expand our versatility and work envelope.  We expect to see quality gains from this machine since it allows a workpiece to be fully machined within the same machine using a sub-spindle.  This enables work to be completed on both sides of the workpiece. The CNC machine will be coupled with a 12-foot bar feeder to further enhance our productivity.  The MPP Machining Division is well-positioned for new opportunities and eager to provide solutions to our customers.