Powder Coat Automation

August 10, 2021

We are excited to announce that our Machined Painted Products (MPP) Division of Millat Industries is upgrading our powder painting operation with an automated powder application system, which will greatly complement our current automated conveyor, wash, and curing line.

This automated powder application system offers many advantages for companies that need to keep pace with quick turnaround time and competitive pricing without sacrificing quality.  This investment will improve our part quality, reduce waste, increase our productivity, and reduce lead times resulting in our ability to pursue additional business growth opportunities in powder coat painting.

The MPP Division initially installed our powder coat system using manual paint guns as an added service for one of our elite customers. Using manual paint guns made perfect sense at the time because the paint demand required multiple color change-overs, variable part configurations and the quantities were extremely small. As our orders and customers increased it became necessary to upgrade our capabilities and invest in new technology.  Currently, the MPP Division paints products for a myriad of industries and customers, painting over 50 different color combinations.

Please check out the video below of a demo part we used during this technology review (note: spray patterns will be further optimized in production).