Successful Project Launch! – Fully Automated Line

January 26, 2023

For the fourth time in just over one year, Millat Industries has launched a new program in our Mass Production Division.  This one is loaded with all kinds of new bells and whistles!

For Honda’s New Model Year Pilot, Millat Industries has installed a fully automated CNC Machining, Parts Wash, and Bushing Assembly line to produce the Rear Upper Control Arms.  The line consists of not one, but TWO 5 Axis Twin Spindle Horizontal Machining Centers allowing all machining to be completed in a single workholding.  The machining centers are loaded by a 165 kg (364 LB) payload robot.  After the parts are washed and dried, another automated system will pick the parts up and installs two bushings in the link bores.  Using an electric press, this data is monitored to ensure quality parts are being assembled.  Finally, the parts are automatically loaded onto a pallet, marked with a serial code, and fed out to the qualified Millat Associate for inspection and packaging.

While Millat Industries is no stranger to automated systems, this machining line has significant state-of-the-art technologies to keep our solutions competitive to our customers, including 5 Axis Twin Spindle Machining, RFID Tooling, and an Electric Servo Press.  Thanks to everyone’s hard work, dedication, and unmatched go-getter attitudes, we have been able to skill up on these processes and successfully launch another program.